PlaceBridge, LLC provides independent, third-party auditing and verification services to advertisers, agencies, media networks and investment firms active in the out-of-home (OOH) and point-of-care (POC) media sectors.


PlaceBridge offers these services in exclusive partnership with J. Knipper & Company, a leading pharmaceutical compliance and auditing company.


Our Services

Media Assessment
Network Certification  •  Consulting Services
Investor Support Services


Our Methodology

We combine three auditing components for each campaign: Live Audits, Spotplay™ Digital Audits, and Purchased vs. Reported Analysis



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J. Knipper & Co: Audit and Inventory Management Services

Knipper’s PDMA Audit and Inventory Management Services are fully integrated with our Sample Accountability solutions, sales support systems, and reporting services. This integration means you save time and effort in managing your end-to-end sample management process. There are no handoffs to manage, no juggling multiple contacts, and a single point of responsibility you already know and trust: J. Knipper and Company.

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Bringing transparency and accountability to place-based media.