PlaceBridge's 3-tiered media assessments provide the most comprehensive auditing and compliance tools developed specifically for the Point of Care media sector.

Our proprietary dashboard combines all auditing data into an interactive user-friendly interface.


Our 3-tiered Media Assessment


Utilizing a 3-tiered auditing approach, PlaceBridge provides a full 360˚ view of each brand's media campaign.



Live Audits

Perform audits of a statistically significant percentage of the network for each campaign. 

Key physical audit metrics will include:


[ 1 ]

Confirm integrity of physician address / location lists

[ 2 ]

Reach verification (presence of media device(s)

[ 3 ]

Device status (on/off)

[ 4 ]

Presence of static media (brochures, static wall units) 


Audits are conducted under an exclusive partnership with J. Knipper and Company, a leading pharmaceutical auditing and compliance firm based in New Jersey and established in 1986.


J. Knipper & Co: Audit and Inventory Management Services

Knipper’s PDMA Audit and Inventory Management Services are fully integrated with our Sample Accountability solutions, sales support systems, and reporting services. This integration means you save time and effort in managing your end-to-end sample management process. There are no handoffs to manage, no juggling multiple contacts, and a single point of responsibility you already know and trust: J. Knipper and Company.

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SpotPlay™ Digital Audits


Provides independent proof of play based on data stream from CMS provider


Also delivers engagement reports (where applicable) for touchscreen activity



Purchased vs. Reported


Relieves client and agency of the burden
of matching large data sets


Algorithmic confirmation that purchased media matches reported media




The PlaceBridge Client Dashboard


Data Security


As the premier compliance and verification platform serving the PoC Media segment, data security forms the core of our operational mandate.


Auditing and Verification Standards

Our firm stakes its livelihood on integrity.


We adhere to the highest standards and we uphold these standards in our daily actions. We are proud to have created a culture of ethical honesty and transparency.

This culture is reflected in the PlaceBridge Standards:


[ 1 ]


Make processes and communications clear and transparent for all constituents.

[ 2 ]


Act and serve with the utmost integrity; make honesty your own standard operating procedure.

[ 3 ]


Adhere to the strictest standards of confidentiality with all information and data.


[ 4 ]


Treat all colleagues, clients and peers with professionalism and respect.

[ 5 ]


Produce the highest quality work possible.

[ 6 ]


Seek to expand knowledge and education within the industry.