PlaceBridge provides comprehensive media verification, assessment and compliance services to key stakeholders.

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media assessment

PlaceBridge conducts audits of media campaigns, either as a one-time audit or as part of an annual subscription service.

Proprietary, secure online PlaceBridge platform integrates all audit data into one comprehensive user interface. Key stakeholders access campaign audit results via a password-protected log-in. Dashboard views include photos, location verification, CMS data, location scorecards and a campaign audit summary. All data is available for users to download.



PlaceBridge Network Certification

A comprehensive audit for media networks to certify network validity; can be utilized for certification for entry into industry organizations and/or due diligence initiatives.



Consulting Services

Consultation and advisory for agencies, brands, networks and investors.



investment support services

Due diligence, market analysis, inventory verification and network certification for investors and stakeholders.